About Trèsible

Trèsible brings nutraceutical products that are practically formulated to provide optimum value to the human body. A combination of the French word Très and the English word sensible, we signify all that is thoughtful, useful and responsible.

With formulas that fortify and strengthen each vital organ in the body, Trèsible readies you for life and its challenges.

We culminate the most essential elements needed for wholesome living.
Health ⸱ Happiness ⸱ Harmony

Why Trèsible

Developed By Industry Experts

Super-Effective Formulations



Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly


Health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being. In that sense, we, at Trèsible, develop our products based on the concept of ‘Homeostasis’ — a state of balance among all the body systems needed to survive and function correctly. Trèsible’s products help our consumers achieve homeostasis and lead a healthy, wholesome life.


Trèsible’s products are designed to improve lives and promote happy and healthy living. We believe that health and happiness are intertwined; when you are in optimal health, you will feel better about yourself — mentally and physically — which leads to more positive feelings overall. We consider it a privilege to reinstitute happiness among our consumers by offering the perfect nutritional blends that can ease their afflictions.


Harmony refers to the feeling of tranquillity within the body that makes it fit for use by the self. When all systems in the body work properly and in coordination with one another, one becomes happily healthy. Trèsible emphasises the importance of long-term healthy habits and a conscious lifestyle that harmonises the internal body functions towards a holistic life.

Our Mission

Trèsible aims to provide the finest-quality supplements at the most affordable prices.

Staying healthy shouldn’t be subject to affordability. We want better health for everyone. With that, our integrated approach is to promote happiness and harmony among our consumers. We want to empower them to establish an effortless balance between their inner being as well as the outer body.

Trèsible aims to improve consumption patterns and encourage routine.

A happy, healthy being does not happen without regularity. Through our unique calendar pack design, we attempt to create habits of regular intake of supplements. While this provides optimum results in the desired duration, it also addresses the supply-demand gap in the current market.

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